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External Conditions October Waves

BCB Art in Collaboration with Katharine T. Carter & Associates Present Photographs by Sandra Gottlieb and Monotypes by Brenda Giegerich
May 31-July 6, 2014

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 31, 6-8 PM

BCB Art and Katharine T. Carter & Associates present October Waves, photographs by Sandra Gottlieb and External Conditions, monotypes by Brenda Giegerich. Both artists operate in the realm of the imaginary or momentary phenomena just beyond our reach, a distillation or way of apprehending the world. The power and dynamic flux of our environment are common inspirations in works by these artists.

Sandra Gottlieb’s ongoing series of photographs of the shifting tides and changing light of the sunset ocean of Rockaway Beach began over 15 years ago. Her most recent work is conceptual in nature, and focuses on the waves themselves; captured at their peak, when the light and atmospheric surroundings are most intense, they embody colors and textures not immediately visible to the casual beachgoer.

Brenda Giegerich’s newest series of monotypes represent a meditation on our perception of the surrounding landscape: how we alter both local and global ecosystems and, reciprocally, how these powerful and ever-changing environments affect our inner lives. Her monotypes engage what might be called “optical space”, a term coined by the Color Field painters of the 60s, denoting a place that engages the eye but makes minimal attempt to outline any real location in the world; or “What you see is what you see” (Frank Stella).

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