Current Exhibitions


From June 6th through July 5th 2015  BCBART will present VIBRANT SPACE- new work by MUSHO RODNEY ALAN GREENBLAT.

“The works in “Vibrant Space” are a departure from the fully representation works in my previous 2013 show “The Wonder Verified and Fulfilled” at BCB ART. I’ve let go of the background landscape replacing it with a wide open color field. The wide open color fields are playgrounds and stage sets populated by semi-abstract beings and processes that interact with each other in various ways. There is plenty of space for all.”

A reception for the artist will be held at the gallery on Saturday, June 6th -  from 6 to 8 pm.

Also on view at BCB ART will be a group exhibition of gallery artists, including work by Justin Baker, Barbara Friedman, Sasha Chermayeff, Rick Finkelstein, Richard Butler, Michael Lindsay-Hogg,  Eric Rhein, Richard Wright – and others