Past Exhibitions


Ed Smith
November 15–December 21, 2014

Shin Creek Photographs
October 11–November 9, 2014

Not the Thing We Were Thinking: New Works by Liz Ainslie and Ideal Garden: New Work by Lorenza Sanni
September 13–October 5, 2014

You Game? I'm Game, new paintings, drawings, and works by Michael Lindsay-Hogg
August 9–September 7, 2014

October Waves, photographs by Sandra Gottlieb and External Conditions, monotypes by Brenda Giegerich
May 31–July 6, 2014


November 30–December 29, 2013

Barbara Firedman: Face Lifts
August 3–September 15, 2013

GARTH EVANS: Same difference–Sculpture, watercolors and drawings
June 15–July 21, 2013

Fred Scruton
May 11–June 9, 2013

Dan Welden
March 16–April 21, 2013


Sasha Chermayeff: Landscapes and their many moods
Novemeber 3–December 23, 2012

This Land

March 3–April 8, 2012

Battle of the Naked Men and Ed Smith
September 22–October 21, 2012


Bill Griffith: Are We Having Art Yet?
October 1–December 4, 2011

Linear Equations by Bill Pangburn and Carved Histories by Renee Magnanti
July 30–September 11, 2011


Musho Rodney Alan Greenblat "THUNDER BUNNY BUDDHA SHRINE" November 13–December, 2010

“Work and transformation” new work by Philip Howie, and “Communion” new work by Eric Rhein
October 2–October 31st 2010

Frank Cressoti: Claiming Moments and Barbara Friedman: The Spectator Place
August 14–September 19, 2010

Designs for a New American Flag: New Work by Scott Reynolds

July 17–August 8, 2010

More Light–Martha Lloyd
May 8–June 6, 2010

The Geometry of Time , new work by Jef Bourgeau, and the pleasure of being absent , new work by JIM GOSS
May 8–June 6, 2010

March 20–April 25, 2010


John Foxx: The Quiet Man
November 7th–December 19th 2009

New work by Arlene Becker, Cynthia Coulter and Carla Shapiro
September 10–October 11, 2009

Sasha Chermayeff: New Work on Paper
July 18–August 9, 2009

Recent Paintings by Christopher Quirk
June 6–July 12, 2009

The Peaceable Kingdom
April 4–May 17, 2009


Black, White & Blue–New paintings by Bart Gulley and Around Here–9 Local Landscapes by Sasha Chermayeff.
October 25–November 30, 2008

“Little Dancers” New Ceramic Sculpture by Garth Evans, and “The Objects of My Affection,” new works by Lynn Itzkowitz.
July 12–August 31, 2008

The Labors of Hercules, new work by ED SMITH and Skin Deep, new drawings by JOY TAYLOR
May 24–June 29, 2008

READING THE NEWS, a performance by LUCIO POZZI at the HUDSON OPERA HOUSE at 327 Warren Street, Hudson, NY
April 19, 2008


Free Wheel: New Work by Rodney Alan Greenblat
December 1, 2007–January 13, 2008

September 29–November 4, 2007

The Void that Holds Pebbles and Starts in Their Place–new minipaintings by Lucio Pozzi
May 5–June 24, 2007


Eric Rhein/Joy Taylor
September 30–November 19, 2006